Choosing a comfortable hunting costume: for winter, summer and autumn

When preparing for the opening of the hunting season, the choice of a suitable form of clothing, namely a hunting costume, is of key importance. Equipment plays an important role in the success of this type of activity, because thanks to protection from various types of natural hazards, a person feels comfortable and ready for successful hunting.

Each hunter’s costume is universal and made for a certain terrain and weather conditions, but there are a number of common features that you should pay attention to.

Attention to detail

The hunter’s clothing consists of many details, which we will tell you below.


There should be enough pockets and they should be located over the entire area of the mold. Convenient patch pockets with flaps on the chest. You can put a dog whistle or cigarettes in them.

It is also worth paying attention to the welt pockets on both sides. Don’t forget about the inside pockets. It is very good if they are made of fabric that does not allow moisture to pass through. Such places are the best places to store documents.


This is another type of detail that few people pay attention to. The zipper should be in good working order, easy to open and not touch the seams. It is worth paying special attention to this. Also, don’t forget that a double zipper is best, which can be stretched both from the top and from the bottom.

Sanitary pocket

This detail is almost overlooked, although it is important. The sanitary pocket is very convenient for the hunter. A zipper at the back allows you to go out of need without taking off the entire overalls. It is very comfortable in order to save heat and time.


The color of the camouflage should be suitable for the area you want to go to. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the choice of military camouflage is not always correct. Army camouflage is aimed at human vision, and hunting camouflage should be selected for hunting wild animals. For example, a white hunting suit is also not always universal for winter.


Hunting camouflage should be silent. You should check the fabric before going hunting in such a costume. The fabric should not squeak or rustle. Even a small noise can scare the animal, and the hunter will not be able to get close to the animal within shooting distance. Every specialist should pay attention to this, because any unfamiliar sounds scare away animals. As an example of a silent suit, consider the huntingshopfavia.com

Knowing all the features of clothing for hunting, it is necessary to start choosing a season. There are three types in total: winter, summer, and autumn-spring suits.

For summer

The hunter’s summer costume consists of a terrain-colored gymnastics jacket, a jacket, trousers and a cap.

A special detail that we need in the summer is a cap with a long and wide visor, which has a net from insects. It is such a cap that will not allow the hunter to be distracted by insect bites, and will help when shooting at game, aiming against the sun.

Gloves and shoes should also be chosen wisely. Leather boots are best.

Attention should be paid to the property of clothing to emit odors. The animal is extremely sensitive to this, and the slightest unfamiliar smell can spoil the entire hunt. When choosing a costume for bear hunting, remember that first of all, the uniform should be comfortable for you, and not cause discomfort.

When choosing a summer hunting costume, experienced hunters rely on the cheapness of army “equipment”. The material for this form is cotton fabric, in which the hunter will feel most comfortable.

Summer suit against mosquitoes and ticks (anti-encephalitis)

A versatile suit for summer hunting. Its advantages include high insect resistance. You can buy this protection in any workwear store at a fairly low price.

One of the disadvantages is low strength. A weak zipper, which tends to fail, and a quick abrasion of the water-repellent impregnation, this suggests that you will not be able to use this hunting suit too often.

It is always necessary to have a raincoat made of thin polyethylene with you. The price of such a set of clothes is low, but if necessary, this type of protection will be simply irreplaceable.

Various hunting jackets with a waterproof membrane can serve as an alternative replacement, but they are heavier and cost significantly more.

For winter

A winter hunter’s costume can be purchased in specialized clothing stores. As a rule, such suits are much more expensive than summer ones, but this is characterized by the cost of the material, namely the lining and the high cost of tailoring.

Winter hunting suits should, first of all, keep the hunter warm, so one of the key selection criteria will be the presence of insulation. For Russian latitudes, any synthetic insulation with a density of 200-220 g/m2 is quite enough.
A good insulation will retain its properties even when wet. It will be better if the material is breathable, and after washing it is able to restore its shape.

The fabric of the linings should be pleasant to the touch and have the ability to dry quickly. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the warm lining should be on the inside of the pockets. This will add the ability to warm your hands when needed.

For Autumn

Autumn hunting costume should be made of half-wool or wool. Cotton fabric at this time of the year will be of little use, and is no longer able to warm the hunter.

A suitable outerwear option is a long-sleeved jacket. It is desirable that it should be long, up to the middle of the thigh, treated with a water-repellent impregnation. Such a uniform will protect you from cold and high humidity.
The material for the jacket is cloth. This wool material is so dense that it covers all the small holes between the threads, thereby keeping you warm for a long time.

Cloth does not cause irritation even on the naked body. It dries quickly and retains heat perfectly. It is used to make army overcoats, which have very high wear resistance.

Caring for a hunting suit

The main quality of all hunting suits is their water-repellent properties. It is this quality that is lost in the process of use. However, there are many different sprays for impregnating suits. You can also turn to a folk remedy: soak the mold in a forty percent soapy solution, and then in a twenty percent vitriol solution. Dry. After that, rub the suit with wax.

Shoes should be cleaned of dirt and then a water-repellent cream should be applied. Only such care guarantees the safety of your shoes.

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