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EOD which is also referred as Every other day is an adventure park which is located in the heart of the national capital Delhi which is also covered with lush greenery. 

It is situated in the area of around 10 acres and Sanjay Lake is also main attraction of the park which is a great place for you to visit with your friends and family where you can have fun as well as relax with the thrill rides. 

You will get number of indoor sports as well as outdoor activities such as bowling, rain dance, table tennis, archery, etc and along with this you will also get to enjoy boating in the EOD. 

If you are looking forward to get to know more details about EOD such as mayur vihar adventure park ticket price and other things then this is the perfect blog which you must read as in this blog all necessary details will be offered to you. 

Rides in the adventure park for the visitors – 

It is an adventure park which is a place for having fun as well as also for relaxing with your loved ones. 

So, let us have a look the thrilling activities which you can enjoy in EOD, for Teens and adults the activities are – 

Tree top course 
Zip line 
Zip cycle 
Bull ride 
Rain dance 
Laser tag 
Body zorbing 


As for kids the adventurous activities have a bit of change, the activities which the kids can enjoy in EOD are – 

Kids fun zone 
Jungle house 


In eod park mayur vihar you will get facilities of food as well, and the price of the food is affordable and the taste of the food is also very delicious, besides which you will also get the facilities of washroom, drinking water, etc. 

Ticket price of the rides in the Every other day adventure park for the visitors – 

Combos for adult (height more than of 4 feet)

Adventurer combo 

The price of this combo is of Rs. 200 and the activities includes in this combo are archer, rain dance as well as tree top course for only one time. 

Ultimate combo 

This combo will cost you Rs. 400 and 10 shots of bowling, boating, board games, tree top course, darts, archery as well as rain dance are included in it, all available for only one time. 

Supreme combo 

Costing Rs. 600 you will get more activities which are zip line, bowling 10 shots, bull ride, body zorbing, boating, zip cycle, laser tag, archery, tree top course, basketball, rain dance and board games. 

But this combo will be available on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday and you can do it only once. 

Combo for kids (height below 4 feet)

Full on masti 

The name of the combo is pretty fun and the activities the kids will get to do in it are Jungle House for unlimited times, Kids fun zone for unlimited times, rain dance and boating for one time each with the cost of Rs. 150. 

Annual pass of EOD 

You will be glad to know that EOD has an annual as well of Rs. 1500 where you can visit the park for unlimited times all through the year and the activities are included in this annual pass. 

You will also get 15% of discount on the selected food outlets as well in the Annual pass. 

Eod adventure park nearest metro is Trilokpuri Sanjay Lake metro station which is situated on pink line and is only 1.2 km away from the park. As for the timings of the park it is open for the people all days and opens 8 AM in the morning and closes 10 AM in the evening. 

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