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LED lighting systems have been improving through the years to offer increased efficacy, superior color quality, and longer life duration than other lighting systems. With the increase adoption of LED lighting, there has risen a general LED Module Wholesale which is a standard format for designing and creating unique LED luminaires and lamps. Selecting the right LED module supplier in the market is very significant to enable one to purchase quality products at wholesale. In this guide, you will learn about the features that determine the quality of LED modules, the current state of the market for LED modules, and where to look to get factory prices for LED modules directly from manufacturers.


What Are LED Modules?


An LED module is a LED chip combined with circuit boards and electronic components, commonly used as a standardized lamp. Books may consist of only a few LEDs up to and including several hundred LEDs and can utilize different optics to provide for form fitting beam spreads and high lumen outputs. Some modules have integrated optics, thermal control and electrical interfacing elements. 


Benefits of using LED modules:Benefits of using LED modules:



LED modules can be produced in many forms, dimensions and in a range of lumen-levels for different lighting applications. This is where you can get the best modules specifically for streets lamps, high/low bay fixtures, solar lamps, bulbs, tubes, panels and so on.


Ease of Design

Because LED modules are standardized in their components, the jobs for lighting designers are not to begin from the basic with the new products. They can dedicate their efforts on different fixture designs rather than the LEDs that are powering them.


Quality & Reliability

LED module makers carry out thorough testing on their products for reliability, durability, and performance by credible testing agencies. This way, the final products that you get from the starting quality modules have a good lifetime and quality of light.  


How to Assess LED Module Quality  


When sourcing LED modules, check that manufacturers test and validate these key metrics:When sourcing LED modules, check that manufacturers test and validate these key metrics:

Light Output

Another measure related to the efficiency of the module is light output which is also known as luminous flux; it defines the quantity of visible light emitted and is expressed in lumens. They come at different outputs with the small ones starting at over 100 lumens to high output models with over 20,000 lumens.



This shows how well the module can convert AC electrical power into visible light, in terms of lumen per watt (lm/W). Search for layer yielding at least 100+ lm/W. Higher is more efficient.


Color Properties

Color temperature of a light source should be indicated in kelvins from warm to cool and color rendering index CRI/Ra which determines how accurately colors are rendered. This paper observes that 80+ CRI is acceptable for most general lighting applications.



LED lifetime is measured in hours for the time when the product can run before reaching 70% of light output. Superiority of the LEDs delivers a rated application lifespan of 50,000+ hours.



There are credible manufacturers who have long-term guarantees on their products, including 5-10 years warranties for mid-power modules. Anyone planning to buy products with warranty provisions should ensure that they confirm with the warranty. 


Latest Trends in LED Module Designs  


As LED and related technology continues advancing, module manufacturers are innovating with cutting-edge designs:As LED and related technology continues advancing, module manufacturers are innovating with cutting-edge designs:



The shrinkage of LED chip footprints is still possible – thus, the development of smaller modules with higher density and intensity is possible. Permits more flexibility in using directional lighting where there are space limitations.


Advanced Secondary Optics  

Thin reflective and refractive layers on top of the LED chips enable better setting of beam angles, uniformity, color blending and light control in relation to glare.


### Optimized for Special Applications

Today, manufacturers offer solutions with the ability to work in marine and industrial conditions, high-quality rendering with light, extra-narrow beams, underwater and explosive gas atmosphere applications, etc.


Connected & Smart Functions 

The newest LED modules incorporate microcontrollers and wireless communication to control and gather information on dimming, color adjustment, automation, and monitoring functions to realize smart lighting and IoT.


Where to Buy Quality LED Modules at Wholesale Prices 


Purchasing from a certified LED lighting distributor is the most appropriate way of being connected to the best Tier 1 LED brands and contract manufacturing service providers at reasonable market prices. Check that distributors:


– Standardized stock modules ranging from low to high lumen output, varying beam angles, compact to large form factor and other applications performance.

– Some of the services that should be offered include; custom modules design/building and private labeling. 

– A number of services such as design support and technical consultation can be offered to clients as added services.

– Send samples out fast before ordering wholesale for testing the relevant products

– Can deliver fully built modules factory direct to the location and take care of logistics and shipping.

– Provide the options for varying batch sizes’ purchase and constant customer support


To offer an LED module with rapid prototyping through high volume production, the safest way to ensure that you acquire the best technology, quality and favorable prices in the market is buying through a qualified distributor. The truth is that if you take just a little time to do your homework, you will be able to identify an LED lighting partner who is going to deliver a performance that you can only imagine, for a wholesale price.




As LED lighting has shifted to a modular system LED modules are offering ingenuity to fixture manufacturers. Selecting appropriate high quality modules suitable to your applications guarantees best lifetime, light quality and energy efficiency. LED modules can be a benchmark component that is purchased through qualified distributors so that you can receive the best performance that is great value for your money. Spend time in searching for right suppliers and never settle for lower quality modules. Proper partner selection can contribute to speeding up the development of your product and make the luminaires twinkle.

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