Maximize Protection: 5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Camera for Car Security

Car security is a serious concern for many drivers, especially in urban places where insecurity is common. A dedicated camera with cutting-edge specs provides any car owner with peace of mind and helps capture all the events on the road. Long-haul truck drivers and law enforcement have widely used dashcams, which have become popular among all vehicles. 

While the dashcam technology improves, its effectiveness and advantages to drivers also increase. Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a car camera

First-Hand Evidence 

With accidents being a common occurrence, the aftermath is more distressing. One of the main reasons you need to install a dash cam is to have first-hand evidence in case of an accident. It prevents you from the many stressful events following an accident. 

After most accidents, nobody wants to be responsible. The person at fault pleads not guilty, while the victim is also trying to prove he is right. Dash cams can be used as evidence to explain what happened and who is at fault. They can also challenge traffic and parking violations that could have led to the accident. In other words, with a dash cam, you are more likely to prevent unfair arrest, treatment, or judgment.

Enhance Vehicle Security

A dedicated camera deters potential thieves and vandals from targeting your car. The camera is fitted into the windshield, visible from the outside. Being a popular tool, their presence alone can signal to criminals that someone is monitoring the vehicle. 

Dash cameras have real-time monitoring, which allows remote access. When you are away from the vehicle, the camera records potential threats near your car and sends instant notifications to your mobile app. This enables you to respond quickly to any emergency or security issue. 

Enhanced Driving Skills

The report says that India has the most accidents and road fatalities. In 2021, it was noted that 53 accidents occur every hour on different roads in the country. Most of these accidents are commonly caused by human errors, including drivers drunk or sleeping while driving. 

A driver can use a car camera as a self-evaluation tool. After a trip, the driver can review the footage of his journey, which is stored in the SD card. This footage can help the driver catch the bad habits and weaknesses during driving and encourage safer driving habits. 

Capture High-Quality Videos

Dash cameras are made with great attention to detail, especially in their video quality. They are designed with cutting-edge lenses that record the inside and outside of the car. Unlike smartphone cameras, dashcams are built to withstand harsh weather, low light, and harsh temperatures. The quality of their footage is not affected by such conditions, which helps to maintain its security standard. 

Car Dash Cam Misuse Prevention Alerts

If you are in a business where you manage many vehicles, misuse of resources by drivers is always paramount but avoidable. Sometimes drivers don’t want to be accountable and try interfering with the recording. Other times, they misuse the car, such as braking harshly or sleeping when the AC is on. 

Advanced dash cams such as CarCam 2 have a dual camera, one dedicated to monitoring the actions of the driver and passenger inside the car. The camera identifies misuse and sends notifications to your phone app regarding the driver’s behaviour behind the wheel. 

A dedicated camera for cars security has many impacts on a car owner. It helps to improve the drivers’ skills and ensures you get first-hand evidence in case of an accident. They also play a vital role in preventing misuse, and their cutting-edge technology ensures that environmental factors like poor lighting do not affect the quality of footage produced. 

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